Forever His Brat is live!

If you follow my newsletter (You should! There’s a tab for it here on my website if you’re interested.) you’ve already seen the cover reveal for this book, and a couple of teaser scenes.

For those of you who pre-ordered your copies… you should have them now! For those who have been waiting for the book to show up in Kindle Unlimited (KU) it should be there for you to download.

You can find it here: Forever His Brat

I really hope you enjoy it. It made four arc readers cry so far. Good crying, of course. This is romance so we always have to have a happy ending, by law! But there are some poignant bittersweet moments toward the end that will have you reaching for tissues.

This book means a lot to me. It’s the fourth book in the Daddy Takes the Reins series and in it we get to see Charlie and Sam get their happy ending.

The series isn’t ending, but this character arc is– after this book they’ll step into the background while a new couple gets to be the main characters for a while.

Ending a story is a painful thing. As a writer, you become very invested in the lives of your people. Typing ‘The End’ means saying goodbye, at least for the moment.

Ending a story arc or series is even harder. And while Sam and Charlie will still be around in the background, it is hard to let go of them. That being said… I’m excited about the new characters. It’s a slightly different dynamic and I think it will be fun to write.

However– you’ll be seeing Sam and Charlie center stage again. And probably sooner than you think. I can’t say anything just yet but there are some plans in the works.

So, please enjoy the new book and join us back here next week for part three of Older Subs with Younger Doms.

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