News and a snippet from the current WIP (Work in progress)

So my first news is that I decided to put together a new logo to use when posting about writer issues, writer problems, etc. I thought it would be more fun to have a little cartoon to go along with it, and people seem to like them–yay!  So after making the logo I decided to use it as a background for the text so I could post things as memes, and I’m liking how it looks.

Right now it’s just unshaded line-art but I’m intending to color it too so it stands out a bit more and has some depth, but I honestly like the subtle way it’s just there for background. (It’s amusing to spend so much time fussing with it and then make it practically invisible behind text. The irony isn’t lost on me, but I’m consoling myself that I will be doing more with it later.)I’m thinking about collecting the memes I make and archiving them on a page here for people to look at, but for now I’m just posting them on Facebook and with the hashtag #subbywriterwoes on Twitter,

Now for some book related news! I’ve had a lot of questions about how the next one is coming along. So, here’s your answer: slow! This current book has been taking some extra time, mostly because I’ve been doing a lot of traveling. Overall I’m really pleased with how it’s coming along because I haven’t done a lot of writing in the Alien genre and I’ve been wanting to for ages. The world building has been the best part, but there are a lot of details to keep track of which is also slowing me down.

But it’s getting there, over halfway through now and I’m aiming to finish in early December, but in the meantime… on Twitter (if you’re not following me then you should be! @Kessilylewel) I told people if they flashed me their “I voted” stickers I would get my act together and post a very graphic and steamy snippet as a reward. Two people did and after only three days of procrastinating I got around to it, and now after a few more days of stalling I’m sharing it with you here too! That’s practically the same as being on time for me, honestly.

“Currently unnamed Alien Domination” novel snippet

He ignored her, speaking again to the other Sadecs. “Decide on a schedule to begin tomorrow. For today she’ll be on full display. Perhaps she’ll remember her place afterwards,” he said.

She flinched but didn’t look at him. She didn’t know what display meant but she had a feeling she wasn’t going to like it. She could have accepted being shared, in private, but this… this felt too much like some kind of lottery where she was the main prize. It was humiliating, degrading, and— incredibly arousing, which embarrassed her even more.

Having addressed the crowd, he sent them back to their sparring before he turned to her. He eyed her quietly for a second before he reached out and nudged her chin up with one finger. “I told you this would be hard for you, but it’s been our tradition for many generations. When some time has passed you’ll return to me with a new understanding of my people, and your place here,” he explained gently.

“My place as your property to be loaned out whenever you feel like it, you mean?” she asked in a sulky, spiteful tone.

“There are too few of you for a warrior to keep one only to himself, and it’s not our way. We share what we value, and in doing so increase its worth. You will return with more experience and knowledge and our reunion will be filled with pleasure for both of us,” he assured her.

“It will be terrible because I’m going to spend the entire time I’m gone hating you, and wishing I’d never volunteered!” She snapped the words with venom and he frowned. She couldn’t resist throwing in a humanized version of an insult she’d heard used once by a passing Sadec. “I hope you are defeated in battle!” she said, loud enough that people turned in shocked surprise.

His hand slid into her hair and tugged hard, pulling her head back so he stared down into her angry face. “Apparently you were confused on what slavery meant, or maybe I’ve been too gentle with you. I like your spirit, girl, but you go too far. You’ll learn your place today or the lesson will be repeated every day until you do,” he said through gritted teeth. In contrast to the anger in her expression, he just looked cold and hard.

He wrapped his fist deeper in her hair, high up on the back of her neck and used it to force her into a bent over position. The tunic slid to the sides exposing her bare rounded ass and he began to spank with heavy-handed strokes that instantly brought tears to her eyes. He caught the back of each thigh until she was dancing in place and trying to evade the pain. He seemed to take a sadistic pleasure in aiming a series of swats at the part of the plug that was peeking out from between her sore, red cheeks.

Each time his palm connected it rocked the intruder deep inside of her. It wasn’t exactly painful, but it made her ache and the reminder that she was plugged for everyone to see was humiliating, especially when the action caused her body to react with arousal. She could feel a low throbbing in her clit beginning and she quickly stopped her protesting in hopes that the punishment would end.

So, what do you think? Are you going to like this one? It’s got sci-fi, and aliens on spaceships. There are humans being kept as slaves to be used by their owners, oh and lots of spanking and hot sex too–if you’re into that kind of thing.


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