New Book: Release Date for Surrendering to Her General

I submitted a book to my publisher back in February (tentatively) titled Surrendering to her General. I’m fairly proud of it because it’s my first sci-fi excursion and there is a lot of competition in the ‘Dominant Space Alien’ market so I’m a little nervous too. 

I’m feeling good about it though, and there was some lovely synchronicity in submitting my sixth book in February since my first book had been submitted in February. Due to various delays I’ve only just got the release date and it’s in the same month my first book came out too!

First books always take a lot of extra time what with finalizing contracts and such. On my side I needed to have my lawyer look it over for me and explain what some of it meant, then take his suggestions back to them. Then they made changes and wrote a new contract for me to sign. It all took a while, but the books that followed have gone much quicker.

Now that the basic contract is established and not much changes from book to book, it’s just a matter of doing a quick read-through, signing and sending back. Generally the time from submission to release runs around three months, so you wouldn’t normally expect that I’d end up with a June release date on this one like I did with the first.

However, my Publisher has some exciting expansions going on and things have been moving much slower than usual so lo and behold we have matching submission and release months. The OCD part of me is very pleased about this and I’m taking it as a good sign!

You can expect my next book to be live on Amazon (barring any delays) June 7th, 2019. Mark your calendars because I can’t wait to hear what you think of this one! And remember that writers adore readers who are willing to leave a review!

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