Blog post: Be careful with your vagina

This is an unplanned post. It was meant to be just a quick thing but I got wrapped up in researching so it ended up being a little more detailed than I had planned. I wanted to put this out there, because of this article which I see making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter. The headline says “Women be warned: DON’T put ice lollies in your vaginas to cool down in UK heatwave, say docs” Well, then.

Now, I have trouble believing that there are many women shoving popsicles in their vagina to cool down. It’s just not the first thing a woman is going to think of when she’s suffering from a sweltering summer day. (Notice I didn’t say “when she’s hot” because I’m pretending to be above double entendres.)

However, food in kink scenes is a very common thing and this is one I have seen people do. In fact I think I’ve done scenes myself with inserting popsicles many years back, but these days we have a better idea of health and safety so just in case this is a fantasy you have… you should be aware of the risk.

I am a firm believer of RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and if you don’t know what that is you can find a post about it here: We’ve outgrown SSC

That means I’m not going to tell you that you shouldn’t do it because it’s not safe. I’m just going to tell you that it’s not 100% safe, and a little bit about why, and then I’m going to suggest safer modification before letting you make an informed choice about using it in your kink. Frankly many of the things we do in BDSM aren’t completely safe, and that’s part of the thrill for a lot of us.

So let’s discuss the problem with popsicles. Right off the bat you need to know that the healthier the popsicle the worse it’s going to be for you to insert. Why? Well bacteria feeds on sugar, and the healthier popsicles are made with juice which is filled with natural sugars. Basically you’re going to have a yeast explosion if you’re not careful.

Can you use a popsicle during sex without any problems after? Absolutely, but there is a slight risk and the longer it stays in you the more the risk so that’s something you need to know about.

A sugar free popsicle is a better choice but you need to make sure that the person it will be entering doesn’t have any sensitivities to artificial sweetener otherwise you could have other problems.  An even better choice is plain ice made from just water, but I’ll come back to that in a minute.

The other problem with inserting popsicles, or any frozen thing in your vagina is the very obvious frozen part. Those tissues are really sensitive to cold and I’m pretty sure no one wants a case of frostbite to follow their scene.

“But ice is sexy in a sceneeeeee,” you say. Yes, it can be. I’ve done ice play in my scenes many times, in many different ways and it never fails to hit the sensation play buttons. But you need to be careful so here are some handy notes to keep in mind when inserting cold things in your orifices:

  1. Never use frozen metal. If you don’t know why please refer to A Christmas Story and the infamous tongue stuck to pole scene.
  2. Make sure that what you are inserting is nice and smooth, no sharp edges.
  3. The safest way is to put the frozen item inside of a condom. Not only does the condom keep the ice from sticking to tissues, but also insulates a little.
  4. Make sure whatever you insert will either melt quickly (a small piece of ice) or can be retrieved.

So, bearing all that in mind, here are some suggestions for those who want to insert frozen items:

  • Buy make-it-yourself popsicle molds and fill with them just water. You’ll get the same shape but without the sugar to incite a yeast infection. Or you can fill condoms with water and freeze them. This is something I’ve learned from women recovering from birth. Since ice-packs are often necessary to relieve the pain after childbirth someone came up with the idea of freezing condoms,  because it’s the perfect shape. You can also decide how thin or thick the ice pop is this way.
  • Most of those women aren’t actually inserting the frozen condoms, but just tucking them between their legs, but my advice, if you’re going to insert it, is to not leave it in too long. It’s not a little piece of ice that will quickly melt and be gone. It’s thick and will stay frozen for ages, so if you leave it in too long you can definitely cause damage even with the condom insulation.
  • If you decide to use ice then, with or without the condom, you should soften it and start the melting process in your mouth. Yup, do a little oral on that popsicle to make sure there’s no rough edges (Or make the sub show off her oral skills for your entertainment first to add to the scene.) Especially important for the twin pops because when you break them you often get a jagged edge along the seam. It could rip a condom, and do worse to the delicate vagina lining.
  • If you choose to use ice without a condom then go for small, slender pieces of ice that will melt quickly, and again make sure to soften and begin to melt first before they go in. Ideally you want something that will melt and be gone in under a minute.

I am not a doctor so bear in mind these are just my opinions from experience in the scene but I did find this article useful when researching the topic An Approved List of Things That Can Go in Your Vagina . It was detailed and backed up by medical professionals.

One final note: this article focused on inserting things in your vagina but a lot of it would carry over into anal play especially where it concerns the sensitive tissues.

Stay cool out there, but you know…safely.  Or not. It’s really up to you.



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