Blog Post: Interesting new topics to come!

I had a plan for this week’s blog post, but it’s gone a little sideways thanks to Facebook. So, I’m putting off the post I was working on “Making rules with your sub.” for now, to work on something else. Though if I get inspired I’ll see if I can wrap this topic up first and post it next week.

Of my author social media accounts, FB is probably where I spend the most time because there is a great community of writers there who engage. On twitter I rarely get any interaction and when I do it’s often just a RT so it can feel a little alone over there.

But on Facebook there are conversations all day long, on all kinds of topics, and some of them are really insightful. Additionally, a lot of the authors who write in my genre are also involved in D/s relationships so at times there is a strong feeling of sisterhood going on over there that can make you feel right at home.

The other day, an author friend made a comment about her husband, who is active military and stationed away, proving that he could heat her butt up from a distance. Those of us in long-distance D/s relationships of course instantly knew what she meant and empathized, but invariably with things like this someone will pop up in confusion and ask “Um… how though?”

This is a question I get asked a lot. I mean, a whole lot and I’ve started blog posts on it several times already but have never gotten around to finishing any of them. Like my book idea file, I generally have more blog ideas than I have time for—but now I’m going to make the time to cover this topic, because I feel that not only is there plenty of interest, but that some of the ideas I cover could be useful for people in similar situations.

The first thing you need to know is that living apart from your D/s partner, part time, or most of the time, doesn’t mean you have to wait for a visit to try to cram in all the D/s activities, and it’s come to light that some people didn’t realize this. They hadn’t really thought that there were ways of doing things from a distance that can be nearly as satisfying as the real thing—or at least satisfying enough to hold you over until you can get the real thing.

Because this is a big topic with a lot of information to cover, I’m planning on breaking it up into a series, and I’ll probably mix a short story into it too because I think it will help paint a picture of how it can work. I don’t want to have weeks of gaps between each section, so I’ll probably wait until I have a few finished before I start posting, which means it might be a week before I’m ready to go with part one so I figured I’d check in and let you in on what’s coming up next.

(Pro-tip: tell your readers what you’re planning on doing so you won’t decide it’s too much work and change your mind!)

Along with alI of that I’ll just give you a quick update on my world! Over on Twitter I’ve taken to doing #DailyWordArt which is basically a word of the day meme-style (word and definition with a suitable picture background) from my file of beautiful words. I’ve been collecting fun, unique, strange, and beautiful words for years and it seemed like a great way to share them, while maybe getting some engagement from others. If you’re not following me on twitter, come on over and find me here: @KessilyLewel

Surrendering to Her General continues to be popular and the reviews are still rolling in too. Six weeks since publication and we’re still nicely down around 7K in rankings most of the time. (In other words, it’s doing better than over five million other books currently on Amazon.) Definitely my most popular book so far which has me chomping at the bit to get to the Sadec sequel, which is barely started—BUT, I still need to finish the current WIP and that’s a top priority.

Sometimes I wish I was one of those people who could actively be working on five books at once, or could easily set one writing project aside to work on another, but as much of a multi-tasker I am, it doesn’t seem to transfer to multiple writing projects. I am still hoping to finish this one up by the end of the month though.

In other news the prizes for the release party winners all went out in the mail last week as planned, and all but one winner has checked in to let me know they got them and they love them as much as I hoped they would. Don’t worry I still have some of the custom-made aloe gels left and I’m thinking of doing a giveaway here on the blog next month maybe for one or two of those. Though, I still have to figure out how I’d arrange that.

And while it’s summer I was thinking it might be a good time to promote my Timeless series, since the whole first book takes place on a cruise. You can get the complete series of three on Amazon for under 8$ here: Timeless Love series .

I found an adorable beach tote that would be perfect for a Timeless giveaway on Fb or Twitter (or both maybe). What do you think?

Feeling Nauti–get it? I know, I know, but I do love puns.

So keep your eye out for the series on LD relationships coming soon, and if there’s something about long-distance D/s that you’ve always wondered pop it into comments, or email, and I’ll try to make sure it’s included in the series.

For now I am late on a submissive essay and some lines, ugh, so that’s all for the moment.

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