Alien anthology teaser!

As usual I am busy busy busy but one thing that I’ve finished up is the story for the alien anthology Stolen and Seduced, which is up for pre-order now. If you haven’t ordered your copy please hurry over and grab it.

I’m really exciting about this since it’s my first anthology, but also because I’ve missed writing short stories. Other than a few I’ve done for this blog it’s been a while. And tying a short story into an existing series has its own challenges so I was oddly nervous about it.

For those of you who don’t know I began my professional writing career with short stories and I have over two hundred published. Most of them are between 5k-11K words so the requirements for this anthology were right up my alley and I was eager to jump in. But once I signed up I started to get a little anxious about it.

I mean once I switched to books just over three years ago I pretty much stopped writing anything else. Books are a whole different level of time-consuming and they kind of suck you in and leave little time for writing anything else–and that’s on top of all the non-writing work required of an author.

So I was happy to be part of this but also had some fears that maybe I just couldn’t write short stories anymore, and I admit that made it harder to get work done. But once I really got into it things started to flow nicely. The story ended up a little longer then planned and stopped at just 12K.

It works well with the rest of the series and I know exactly what will need to be changed in order to expand it. Since I’m writing for a more mainstream romance crowd the kink is a lot lighter than the other Sadec stories have been. And of course, since it’s going to be read by people who haven’t been following the series too, I needed to make sure it gave them some of the important world-building info.

But now it’s finished, edited, re-edited, formatted and submitted so I thought you all might like a little teaser from the opening scene with Rachael and Ka’aav, who she calls Kave.  Do the names give you any ideas of who this couple is? I’ll give you a hint. The names are different when they are mentioned in the books, but they are discussed.


She was pressed hard against the cold metal wall, as he captured her lips in a deep kiss that took her breath away. He touched and explored her body with rough hands until she thought she might burst into flames from the heat rising under her skin. She had no choice but to hold onto him. Her arms looped around his neck, clinging for support as the turbulent sensations rolled through her body like a violent storm.

She’d never experienced this kind of passion before him. Human men didn’t seem to feel things the same way Kave did. Never once in her whole life had she been pinned with such intensity and demand. It made her ache for more. A pulse between her thighs begged for his attention.

He broke the kiss just long enough to mouth his way to her neck, sucking and biting at the skin until she was making desperate sounds of pleasure and pain. Those little gasps and moans excited him, and he shoved her legs apart so that he could find her soaked panties. With a sharp ripping sound, they were gone, and his fingers were plunging into her welcoming heat.

She barely spared a second of mourning for her underwear, even though they were the only ones she had. Something about always being bare and ready for him underneath her skirt excited her as she eagerly said goodbye to one more remnant of her old life.

“Tell me you’re mine, Rachael,” he demanded, whispering the command against her ear before nipping the lobe just hard enough to hurt.

Sometimes she didn’t obey his orders immediately. She enjoyed his inventive punishments but was too aroused to risk that now so there was no hesitation in her reply, “I’m yours. All yours, Kave.” It was a promise but underneath that was a plea for him to keep her always. Things were still so new and tenuous that she wasn’t yet secure in his love.

She hadn’t expected any of this, but now there was no going back. Not for her. Not for her heart.

“I’ll never let you go,” he swore as he brought her to climax right there against the wall. He pulled his fingers free glistening with her juices and made her lick them clean. She kept her eyes on his as she obeyed, letting her tongue curl around each one like a caress. He gave her an approving look. “Good girl. You’ve learned so much since I found you.”

Found? Well, that was one way of putting it, she supposed. But she had learned. Learned to please him, learned that pleasing him was the best way to please herself because then he would reward her with pleasure that had almost become an addiction. She craved the things he did to her body, but she had to admit that she’d come to crave his approval too.


So, there you go. I hope that got you excited to read more because I really like this couple and I do want to give them their own book, or at least a novella at some point. But now that I’ve submitted this I can start focusing on my next book tentatively titled: Marooned with her Commander.

That might give you some hints about where I’m going with that one too. So many mysteries! Who has some guesses?


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