Daddy Krampus Is Live!

Just a heads up for you lovely readers out there. There will be two posts today. This one is just an announcement but in a couple hours the first half of the Halloween story I promised you will be posting. I really hope you enjoy it.

Now for the announcement!

After a very successful one week pre-order period, this book is now live and ready to go at 2.99$. It’s also in #KU

Krampus is one of the few Christmas/ Yule holiday themes that actually crosses over with Halloween. He is, after all, a demon creature from a nether realm, right? So it was important for me to get the first one of these out this month. If all goes well, the second stand-alone book in this series will be out at the beginning of December.

Daddy Krampus is full of hot Daddy Dom action, but also with a bit of ageplay which fits the plot quite nicely, I think. On a deeper level you’ll see what it’s like for a Little to try and balance that side with the adult needs and urges that come with a D/s relationship. At times this isn’t easy.

Daddy Krampus is not especially dark. With a Little and ageplay in the relationship I wanted it to have more of a sweet and loving tone that suited them, but every book will have a different voice and when you’re dealing with a demon that kidnaps humans to punish them you’re going to have to expect some of them will go dark.

You will not have to read all of them to keep up with the storyline. They will cover a wide range so you may not want to read them all. Some of them will be darker than others, or include pairings that you don’t enjoy so I plan to make them stand alone with no need for crossover.

And finally my obligatory beg…

Please, if you read it, leave reviews. They are essential for authors and are what help the book climb through Amazon’s algorithms. I don’t always read my reviews, in fact I usually try not to, so if you have thoughts or opinions you’d like me to know, feel free to email me or post in comments here.

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