Krampus Fun, 99 cent sale, new releases, and free Halloween story!

So, I think I mentioned that I was working on a Krampus novella and trying to release it by the end of the month. Well, I did it! This has been a crazy hectic month with three new releases– yes, three!! Dark Galaxies went live yesterday too.

So let’s start with Dark Galaxies. This sci-fi dark romance anthology will be available for three months from yesterday. I’m really excited about my story in it, and I hope you enjoy it too. It’s not Sadec related but something new. You can find it here: Dark Galaxies and it’s free with Kindle Unlimited subscriptions.

And of course you know that last week Claiming His Brat went live. So far things are going well! Really happy with the nice low rankings coming out of the first week. If you like a little Daddy kink and hot muscled cowboys with a penchant for spanking this might be your thing.

And my final new release for the month just went up for pre-order. I honestly wasn’t sure I could pull it together in time, but go me! So Krampus is now available here: Daddy Krampus. But that’s not the best news.

I’ve reduced the pre-order price to less than a dollar. That will only last until it goes live and then it’s up to 2.99 so you might want to grab it fast. This novella isn’t far off from a full size novel and I’m really pleased with how it came out.

This is part of a series about Krampus, the spirit of punishment from folklore. It will have all kinds of punishments, but there’s also a solid plot and world building. Anyway, you have one week to get it at the reduced price, so I’d grab it now!

The Krampus Collective

Once he was a solitary immortal. A creature out of nightmare. The embodiment of punishment. As humanity grew and spread across the globe, he split apart to keep the balance. Now there are twelve.

Connected but individual, they carry out the duties of Krampus by punishing the wicked. The tears and cries of pain from their victims sustain them.

But this year is different.

It’s time for them to choose mates. Each will find a naughty sinner; one who fits their unique preferences. For the first time their discipline will be tempered with mercy and care.

They have one year to find love with the human they choose. One year to convince that mate to stay. One year to punish, train, and cherish.

Each novella will stand alone. Every story will be unique.

This first one in the series is Daddy Krampus and that’s pretty self explanatory I think! This one, unlike my new release Daddy book Claiming His Brat will have a bit of age play in it. The second Krampus book, in December, will not be a Daddy book. I think he might be a sadist. I haven’t decided yet.

In the meantime I’m also working on a Halloween story to post here. It’s finished, but needs editing. It (story of my life) came out longer than I planned so I will have to break it up into 2-3 posts, but I will definitely have the first part up before Halloween.

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

For serious posts, I have two coming up, probably in November. One is a post on Ageplay with some definitions, misconceptions and the connection to Littles. The other is a post about not letting other people define the rules for how you play. There are a lot of one-true-wayers out there that think they know best and they often try to insist that their way is the only way to kink responsibly, but that’s not true.

That’s my news for the moment but before I go I wanted to give you a little excerpt from Daddy Krampus. (Unedited)

She’s a thief in desperate need of a strict hand. He’s the embodiment of punishment looking for a mate. They have a year to find what they need … in each other.

Inside Valerie is a naughty little girl looking for love and discipline. When Krampus spirits her away to his netherworld domain, she is shocked to find he intends to punish her for every single thing she’s ever stolen.


She doesn’t expect to be treated like a naughty little girl. And she definitely had no idea how much she’d love it. Now she’s learning to obey her Daddy and he’s learning how to take care of a human with unusual needs.

The Little in her needs to be cherished. The woman in her needs to be dominated. He’s ready to love all of her.

Daddy Krampus

She breathed out a sigh of relief that only lasted until he turned her across his lap and began to spank, because then she realized that he’d had an ulterior motive for sending her to the bath. Once she was face down, he flipped the towel up in back, baring her bottom. Her still wet, bottom, made soft and tender from the soak.

He delivered lots of nice crisp spanks, covering her warm pink backside with his handprints. She felt extremely grateful that she’d picked something light, because every slap stung like crazy. By the fifth one she was kicking her bare feet and chanting “Ow, ow, ow,” under her breath nonstop.

But it was short, and when he released her, she almost couldn’t believe it was already over. She hopped to her feet quickly before he could change his mind, and for a minute she didn’t even notice she’d left the towel behind as she rubbed at the sting frantically. It wasn’t until she saw the look on his face that she realized she was bouncing around bare naked and rubbing her butt.

At that point, the color of her face matched the other side and she snatched up the towel to cover herself. He didn’t comment on that, but she had a feeling he’d found the show interesting. Her behavior was a bit of a shock. She wasn’t someone who liked other people to see her pain. She was used to trying her best to be stoic, but the more often he spanked her, the easier it got for her to just express what she was feeling.

It hadn’t even occurred to her that she would look silly dancing around rubbing at her stinging backside without clothes on. She’d just done it because it felt appropriate. Her whole headspace had shifted to one of a younger person. She wondered why, but part of her didn’t mind at all. It felt like she was freer to express herself and as a result was lighter inside.

She quickly grew to appreciate that younger side as the days passed. The punishments were a daily part of her life now. Being able to act out dramatically during them helped. He’d been honest when he said it wouldn’t always be spanking. Though it did always seem to include some element of pain.

He sat her down on a hard, wooden stool to write ‘I must not take things that don’t belong to me.’ for hours one afternoon. The cramping in her hand had been nearly as bad as a spanking. Another day, the hard stone floors had mysteriously gotten covered in muddy footprints, and she was put to work scrubbing them until they were spotless. Her knees ached for hours after.

But the spankings were frequent, and she rarely went a day without receiving at least one, either in the morning, or just before bed. It got harder to control her emotions during them, not easier. Eventually her dignity just seemed to vanish the second he put her across his lap. Kicking, wailing, and tears were just part of the whole scene now.

It was freeing, and then afterwards the way he held and cuddled her began to feel like a something to look forward to. It got her through the stinging pain when he paddled her backside. It helped when she learned she was being punished for taking money someone had needed to buy food, and as a result they’d gone hungry.

And when he reduced her to hysterical tears from an especially hard punishment, the way he caressed her hair and rocked her in his arms almost made the whole thing worth it. Being in his arms was more than comfort, it was starting to feel like home.

So are we excited? I know I am! I’ve got such fun plans for this whole series. It will be happening in real time (so to speak) as each year two of their number will take their turn to try to find a mate, while the rest carry on with business as usual.

Because each one stands alone I have a lot of freedom in making the characters truly different every time. There is even room in this series for an LGBT story too, which I’m looking forward to. And…Krampus is a shapechanger which means not all of them may feel more geared to be male, just sayin’.

It’s entirely possible that one of them could choose to be female, which opens up some wicked new possibilities. Since they all stand alone you can just skip any story that isn’t up your alley, but I’m looking forward to stretching a bit.

So that’s all the news of the week. I wasn’t even sure I’d find the time to update you with everything going on, but now it’s back to work for me!

Stay Healthy, Stay safe, and Stay home if you can!

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