A Selection of Steamy Holiday Reads

It’s time for the kinky holidays!

Do you like your holiday books extra naughty? Do you like a good dose of kink and spanking mixed in? Well, I’ve got you covered!

I think we all need to escape into fiction this year more than any other! So, as promised I’ve compiled a list of some fantastic holiday releases for you. If you need to get away from the tedium of the real world and dive into fiction for a while these are some good books to check out.

I do hope you’re also taking advantage of the holiday Advent calendars I posted about a few days ago. If you missed it, it’s the post right before this one! FREE BOOKS people! Don’t miss out! You’ll need to pop over and click daily to find your free surprise. With so many authors participating, I guarantee there are some you don’t have.

But now let’s get into these holiday romance stories. Most of these are authors I read and enjoy frequently so I’m stocking (get it?) up myself. I’ve tried to mix it up with a variety of genres (all of the kinky/Spanky of course!) so we have paranormal, Daddy Dom, Littles, and historicals. Pretty much something for everyone.

First off, we have my two new releases, in case you missed them. They are the first two in a long series that I will continue with two new books every year. They all stand alone and each is complete.

The Krampus Collective

Twelve individual immortal Dominants fill the role of Krampus. Every year they each choose a naughty sinner to steal away for punishment. But this year it’s different… this year they begin the search for mates.

Daddy Krampus

She’s a thief in desperate need of a strict hand. He’s the embodiment of punishment looking for a mate. They have a year to find what they need … in each other.

Inside Valerie is a naughty little girl looking for love and discipline. When Krampus spirits her away to his netherworld domain, she is shocked to find he intends to punish her for every single thing she’s ever stolen.


She doesn’t expect to be treated like a naughty little girl. And she definitely had no idea how much she’d love it. Now she’s learning to obey her Daddy and he’s learning how to take care of a human with unusual needs.

The Little in her needs to be cherished. The woman in her needs to be dominated. He’s ready to love both sides. Warning: This book contains graphic sex, punishment, and some ageplay.

Krampus Sir

He’s the spirit of punishment personified and he’s looking for his mate. She’s a shallow brat with dreams of influencer fame. Can they learn to love each other in just one year?

When Krampus chooses her from among all the naughty people in the world, he has more than the usual year of punishment in mind. This time he’s looking for a mate. A woman who will thrive under his harsh discipline and learn to love him because of it.

When Nia’s lies and self-centered behavior hurt the people around her, she ends up on his naughty list. Now she’ll learn what it’s like to have her dignity stripped away one painful punishment at a time.

But at the end of the year she’ll have a choice to make. Return to her life a better person … or remain with the immortal Dominant permanently as his mate.


Next up we have Vivian Murdoch who has a Krampus book coming out this month also. I’m tickled about this because Krampus is rarely seen in the romance world, which I find surprising. I mean for kinky romance it seems like he’d be right up there, but nope.  Anyway, Nice is releasing on December 5th, but it’s up for pre-order now and it’s a duet with a second one coming out later this month.


Naughty girls don’t get Christmas wishes. They get Krampus and his switches.

All I wanted was an escape from the unrelenting Christmas cheer. Instead, I ended up in the North Freaking Pole at the mercy of Krampus. He says I’m on the naughty list and the only way back home is to submit to a week of painful, humiliating punishments.

But with each passing day, I find myself wondering more and more – what happens if I don’t want to leave?


Next, we have Libby Campbell with a beautiful historical selection in: Papa Pierre’s Christmas Gift 

Sparks fly when disgraced Lydia defies Pierre’s advice and makes a bad situation much worse.

On the brink of bankruptcy, Lydia has been shunned by polite society.
It’s 1921 and, in a city that prides itself on its image of gentility, she faces sudden, unexpected ruin. She is orphaned and without hope until the charming, street savvy Pierre comes calling.

Everything has a price. If she accepts his help, he expects her to obey him, in this and other matters. With no family or friends to turn to, Lydia has to decide if letting Pierre guide her will be worse than trying to solve her problems alone.


Celeste Jones brings us a western tale in: Newlywed Christmas (Brides of Juniper Junction Book 4)

Juniper Junction’s new brides Tassie, Posey and Lizzie want nothing more than to make their first Christmas as brides special for their sexy cowboy husbands. But, things rarely go as planned.

Also includes a bonus novella, Home for Christmas.


RJ Gray book stands out because it’s a very rare Thanksgiving story. It’s also a Littles story and part of the Rawhide Ranch series:  Tillie’s Little Thanksgiving (Holidays at Rawhide Ranch Book 2)

On the run after a late-night rescue mission takes a terrible, violent turn, Tillie finds herself in the last place she’d ever expected – Rawhide Ranch, the exclusive BDSM resort where her best friend lives. Even more surprising for Tillie is the way Trey, head of security for the ranch, immediately takes her under his wing. And over his knee.

But despite Trey’s sweet words and stern discipline, Tillie can’t shake the feeling something horrible is coming. Can she trust Trey to keep them all safe? Or will she lose her new family as suddenly as she found them?


And speaking of Rawhide Ranch! Maren Smith also has a new one in the series here: Sadie’s Little Christmas: Holidays at Rawhide Ranch Book 3

Sadie has waited all the eighteen years of her life to grow up. Having finally reached the magical age of adulthood, she’s not about to let anything—or anyone—put her back in the nursery. But when her first attempt at stretching her submissive wings turns deadly, not only is her confidence shaken but she finds herself a guest at Rawhide Ranch and, in specific, of Derek Hawkins himself.


Chloe Kent is known for her  ménage and reverse harem stories and she’s got a new one for the holidays: Her Three Santas eBook

Three gorgeous Santas. One mistaken Mrs. Claus who hates Christmas. The holidays are never going to be this hot again!

Spoiled and suddenly poor heiress Jessica Davies plans to go into hiding until her new inheritance comes into effect. Except one knock on the wrong door and she finds herself deep in the North Pole with not one or two but no less than three Santas who leave her hot and quivering and unable to look at candy cane the same way ever again.

Publisher warning: Her Three Santas is a reverse harem holiday romance with three super-hot Santas who should be on their own naughty list. Please don’t buy this book if you don’t enjoy your Christmas stocking stuffed with sexy discipline spankings and explicit and intense light up the Christmas tree sexual scenes all followed by a sweet happy ever after


Next Etta Stark is bringing us a historical, homage to the original Christmas Carol with this ghostly spanking story: Her Christmas Carol: being a Spanking Ghost Story of Christmas

Did you know that Ebenezer Scrooge wasn’t the only person who was visited by three Christmas Ghosts? Those hardworking spirits have helped many others learn to be better people at this time of year.

The year is 1844 and Elizabeth Stitch is a newlywed who has already become jaded and mean-spirited in her marriage. She shows no affection towards her husband, James, and pushes away any attempts at intimacy.

On Christmas Eve she is visited by her long-dead Grandmother who warns Elizabeth not to ignore her passions as she did in life and foretells that she will be visited by three spirits that very night.

What follows is an affectionate homage to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, full of Victorian charm, Christmas wonder and all the sex and spankings that Mr Dickens unaccountably left out of the original story.

In the words of the Ghost of Christmas Present: “Come in and know me better!”


Karen Nappa is also offering a Christmas Carol retelling but this one is a lot more modern with a a BDSM club connection. It’s also a FemDomme story:  A Mistress for Christmas 

To Ezra Stone, Christmas is just another day, but after this year, the holiday is never going to be the same again.

Ezra is a successful businessman and cutthroat negotiator. He also has a secret craving he’s desperate to hide. When he discovers his long-term business partner is part of an exclusive BDSM community, he is excited initially but then appalled.

Lynn Edwards joined Club Indigo a couple of years ago and is a well-versed Dominatrix. It took her almost a decade to come to terms with who she is, and she’s finally ready to open herself up for more.

She came to terms with who she is. Can he do the same, and — more important — can he accept himself

A Mistress for Christmas is a retelling of Charles Dickens’ famous A Christmas Carol — Club Indigo style, and it contains elements of dominance and submission and explicit language


Poppy Flynn’s holiday offering is a personal favorite since it’s about Yule. It’s part of a series of Spanky magic books she’s doing that celebrates all of the pagan Sabbats. This series reads like regular mainstream fantasy books, that just happen to be steamy and include some spankings and I love them.

Serendipity: Yule & Enchantments

Seren Starlight isn’t your average witch. At 26 she’s yet to graduate from the esteemed senior academy of witchcraft because she refuses to obey the rules.

A magnet for misadventure, things always go wrong around her. She doesn’t realise the consequences of talking back to the principal sorcerer until she receives a rather stinging lesson.’

Destiny takes Seren on a series of Yuletide exploits during the Winter Solstice and she stumbles through them thanks to a string of happy accidents.

Seren by name. Dippy in nature. Serendipity through fate.


Raise Greywood has a nice Daddy Dom selection for us with: Jennifer’s Christmas Daddy (Holiday Daddy Doms Book 1)

Santa isn’t the only one who knows a good girl when he sees one…

With no two-legged companions to share the holiday, veterinarian Jennifer Dane volunteers to take the Christmas shift at the clinic. She’s got naughty books, a fridge full of treats, and some furry friends to keep her company.

Things couldn’t get much merrier. That is, until Kaden McLeod wrecks his car near the hospital, and it’s Jennifer who patches the former military man up. In the process, it quickly becomes obvious that the two have a chemistry hot enough to singe mistletoe.

A daddy with all the best sugar for good girls, Kaden quickly earns Jennifer’s trust and submission, making her purr like a kitten with his demanding but tender affection. But when an unwelcome visitor puts an end to their idyllic holiday, Kaden will be forced to do a little chasing in order to salvage the duo’s New Year.


Vanessa Brooks has another historical holiday romance with festive spanking for us with: The Master Of Michaelmas Hall

A Lord in despair. A damaged woman. A bewildered child. Can the icy Yuletide gales drive a Christmas miracle? Will the season’s magic heal all three?

Gabriel St. Nicholas is preparing for yet another lonely Yuletide. The loss of his beloved wife at the start of the French revolution left him devastated. Can he force himself to take the step required and marry again in order to secure the succession to his ancient family blood line?

The arrival of a mysterious woman dressed in black disrupts his solitude, and causes unease. With falling snow making travel impossible, Gabriel is forced to offer her hospitality at Michaelmas Hall, but at what cost?


And oh… what do we have here? A new Stronghold Dom story collect from Golden Angel just in time for the holidays : Steamy Stocking Stuffers: A Stronghold Doms Holiday Collection

Dare to be naughty this holiday season and step into the hottest BDSM club around, where the stockings aren’t the only things that are hung… or stuffed.

This steamy collection of holiday short stories featuring the Stronghold Doms includes:

All I Want for Christmas – Master Will and Gina have been scening together for months, but a relationship is on Gina’s wishlist this year. Will Santa deliver?

Holiday Tease – Master Rick and Maria have been through a lot, but they’re finally ready to return to the club and Rick has a special surprise in store guaranteed to drive Maria wild.
(Originally published in the Candy Canes and Kisses Anthology)

Little Leigh – For being such a good girl this year, Master Jared is treating Leigh to a night at Stronghold’s sister club, Marquis, where they’ll explore a whole new side of their relationship.
(Originally published in the Dirty Daddies Anthology)

Doctor’s Orders – Before the year ends and the New Submissives Class at Marquis graduates, Master Mitch wants one last scene with his favorite pupil, Domi.
(Originally published in the Love & Vice Anthology)

Mistletoe Meltdown – A single moment under the mistletoe is all it takes for Zach to finally understand why Master Kincaid has always made him question everything he thought he knew about himself.


I think that might just be enough to keep you busy reading through the month of December. Just remember that whether or not you’re a reader, it’s okay and important to take some time for yourself.

Put down all the tasks and chores and relax with a book, or a television show, or a bath. Whatever you need to do to get through the holidays with your sanity intact.

And remember to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home if you can.

6 Replies to “A Selection of Steamy Holiday Reads”

  1. I listen to audiobooks during the day while working around the house and in the yard. I wish some of these were available. I also wish there was a recommended list of listens. Merry Christmas!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lisa! I think right now a lot of indie authors are hesitant to make audio books. They are a huge investment on the authors part and can take years to pay off–and right now Audible is majorly screwing over authors by advertising audio books like they are the kindle unlimited program. Telling readers they can return them when they are done and get a new one. So people think it’s like borrowing and they aren’t aware that when they return the book for a new one the author makes 0$ on it. It’s a huge thing right now and until it’s resolved I think audio books are going to be declining for a while.

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  2. Loved reading both your Krampus books. First books I’ve read by you but loved your style. Immediately looked for other books by you on Amazon and read Architect of His Desire and Claiming His Brat. You are my new favorite author. Looking forward to reading to reading the rest of your catalog and next years Krampus stories.


    1. Thank you so much. I love hearing that! I can’t wait to continue the Krampus series next year.
      I do also write under Sadie Marks. Her books are all sci-fi but they have lots of steam and kink in them too 🙂


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