Cover Reveal: Revenge of the Daddy

Okay so last week I promised you a cover reveal for the book I’m currently working on. Action Daddy Book Two
Revenge of the Daddy

It went out in my newsletter yesterday so if you subscribe to that you might have seen this already.

I love this cover. It’s beautiful. I’m really enjoying planning out the covers for this series too, because I have so much flexibility. In this book Mitch is currently acting in a spy movie so that’s reflected here.

Also… please notice the fact that this will be the first book cover to say USA Today Bestselling Author on it! (SQUEE!)

Revenge of the Daddy

That’s all for this week, however, I am hard at work on a two part article that you might find interesting. Join me back here next Friday (October 29th) for: Can I Have a Dom Outside of a Vanilla Relationship? Part One.

See you then!

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