Revenge of the Daddy Pre-Order and Teaser

Happy Friday everyone! Now that we’re getting into November the weather has gotten decidedly colder. It’s a good thing I’m inside working hard!

In case you don’t follow my newsletter let me catch you up a bit! Action Daddy Two: Revenge of the Daddy is coming out on the 18th. I’m deep in the final edits now and I think you’re going to love it.

It is on sale until it goes live on the 18th, and then it goes to full price. So grab your copy here before it’s too late: Revenge of the Daddy

Cover of Action Daddy Book Two: Revenge of the Daddy

In other news Red Hot Romance is throwing a Daddy Dom weekend and I’ll be at two parties on Facebook.

The Red Hot Romance Party Room today (Friday November 12th) 7pm-9pm

Dirty Daddies Party Room on Sunday (November 14th) 7pm-9pm

If you haven’t been to a Facebook author party each author takes a short time slot. We post our freebies, teasers, games and almost everyone does at least one giveaway. It’s a good chance to interact with your favorite authors and possibly win something!

So if you feel like it come join us!

Now… I realized I hadn’t shared a teaser with you recently so I thought I’d give you one today from Revenge of the Daddy. I don’t think I’ve shared this before. And scroll down below the teaser for more news.

Revenge of the Daddy

It was nice just to be able to wake up to find her there instead of an empty bed, but it would have been better if, just once, they both had the day off. He dreamed of the day when things would line up so they could wake up together, have breakfast in bed, and then make love. It hadn’t happened yet.

Still … he didn’t need to start getting ready for over an hour. There was a lot he could do with that time if he was motivated. He eased the covers back as he slid down to gently nudge her thighs apart. He eased between them and hooked his arms under her knees.  She made sleepy sounds without opening her eyes.

Her sleeping mind might have been slow to realize what was happening, but when he buried his face between her thighs, her body came alive under him. She squirmed, hips lifting as her legs spread to allow him better access. There was a long low moan and it made him hard just to hear it.

He took his time, using his tongue to pleasure her with long slow licks until the juices were streaming down his face to soak the bedsheets.

“Well, this—this is a perfect way to wake up,” she said. Her voice was breathy, and deep. Her hand moved to grip his hair, fingers curling around the strands. “I might have to figure out a way to stay over more on the weekends if this is how you reward me, Mitch.”

He laughed, without stopping what he was doing, and the vibrations of it had her lifting up with a gasp. As much as he would have loved to spend the morning bringing her to the edge without ever letting her go over, he was all too aware that time was passing.

Someday, we’ll have time for long mornings in bed, he promised himself, but that would have to wait. For now, he was content to move up to her clit and suck the swollen bud into his mouth. He teased the nerve endings with tongue and teeth until she began to pant and pull at his hair desperately.

He released the tender bit of flesh but only so he could attack it with rapid flicks of his tongue, driving her until she stiffened and cried out his name. And then he continued just a little longer because he loved the sounds she made when it was too much. She whimpered and tried to close her thighs as every nerve ending went nuclear.

“No, no. T-too much.” It was just a soft plea, barely a murmur. Maybe on some level she didn’t even want him to stop because she knew it would soon feel good again.

He’d taught her by then that she could use her safeword during sex too, so he had no worries about ignoring it. If she really meant for him to stop, she’d make it clear. These were just the soft protests of a woman being deluged in overwhelming sensation.

He kept her spread wide, thrusting his tongue into her entrance one moment, and then the next he returned to laying long licks between her slick folds. Each of those ended with a little flick against her clit that had her moaning. He pushed her through the sensitivity until another climax started to build and then he kept at it until she was so close that she was writhing and begging.

Hands gripped her thighs and held her still until she was crying out and bucking up against his tongue—and then he stopped. Just before she was able to reach that sweet bliss, he released her thighs and pushed himself up on his elbows so he could see her face.

It took her a second to realize. Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed, but then she noticed that he’d stopped, and her eyes snapped open. She stared at him with an expression of dismay. “You can’t stop now. Please? I was so close.” Every word was dripping with need and frustration as she wondered if this was going to be a game of tease and denial.

Mitch loved to get her right to the edge and then stop. It was one of their favorite games. Before they went out sometimes, he’d take a few minutes to get all of her hormones surging and then drag her out the door with soaked panties and a pout on her face. But not today.

It wasn’t that he thought it would be too cruel to leave her like that all day. He could and would. He’d denied her permission to come for days at a time before, for small punishments, and edging her was part of it so he could be sure she really felt the restriction. She hated it, but part of her loved it too.

She rarely needed to be disciplined for anything real, but she found punishment sexy, so he often invented reasons to administer consequences. And because the infractions were fake, he tended to make the punishments sexual. It fed into her fantasies and they both found it hot.

But none of that was on the agenda for this morning. He just wanted to make love to her before he had to leave her alone in his bed. “Oh, we’re not done yet. I just want to be inside you when you come again, babygirl. You can wait for me, can’t you?” His tone was coaxing as he moved up her body, dropping kisses here and there on her beautiful bare skin.

“Uh—uh yes. Yes Sir, I can do that,” she said. The words were punctuated with small sounds that let him know she loved what he was doing to her. Her hands slid over his shoulders, nails digging in as she scratched at his back.


Is that sexy enough? Want more? Grab your pre-order now while it’s on sale. Once it goes live it goes up to full price.

One last thing before I go! I am currently also working on this year’s Krampus book. The pre-order isn’t up yet. I am aiming for December 6th but I won’t be putting up the pre-order until I’m sure I can make it.

Trying to put out two books within a one month period has been extremely hectic. I was meant to have several weeks between them but it didn’t work out like that. Now my schedule is very full and very hectic and those of you who have followed me for a while know I typically add a lot to my plate in December too. So I’m doing my best to get everything in order but…

.The blog is a labor of love, and it’s important to me. I usually try to get two lifestyle articles out every month, but bills have to be paid so the books must come first. Like most authors I barely make enough to get by and keeping a steady flow of paid work is essential, especially around the holidays.

So, I’m not sure how much time I’ll have time to work on the numerous articles I’ve started until at least Mid-December. I’ll try but no promises. Thank you so much for understanding!

Oh and by the way, tomorrow is my birthday–just to add to the chaos!

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