Birthday Spankings!

I don’t have the mindset or the time for deep-diving lifestyle articles this month, so I was looking for something light and fun. Since my birthday was on the 13th, birthday spankings popped into my head.

Birthday spankings have been around a long time. They come from an old superstition. It’s supposed to be bad luck not to be spanked on your birthday.

I’ve heard several stories about the reason. I’m not sure which is true. I’ve heard that the spanking is meant to simulate the smack on the bottom that a baby used to get when born. It’s a reminder that you’re alive.

And I’ve heard that the original, way back reason was to ‘soften you for the tomb’ which seems super morbid. But people were pretty morbid during Victorian times so who knows. This is certainly the most repeated origin of the birthday spanking on the web, but I’ve seen no actual sources stated.

The tradition involved spanking a birthday child (usually under the age of 16) once for every year of their life. It was supposed to be light spanks with the hand that stung just a little and was not a punishment at all.

Soooo… who has had a birthday spanking?

From what I’ve learned this seems to be a uniquely American thing. Please comment if you live somewhere else and this was a thing when you were growing up. My friends from around the world always act confused when the topic comes up.

I know there are birthday punches and pinches in other countries but that’s fairly different from a full on spanking, I think.

Now bear in mind I’m not talking about adults spanking each other. When you’re kinky it’s almost mandatory. It’s a fun reason to give a spanking.  Usually they are lighthearted good girl/boy spankings, nothing too serious.

But how many remember this from childhood?

I know my European friends find it a really weird tradition, but I think many of us in America remember birthday spankings as a child. It was the one kind of spanking we all thought was fun, or at least most of us.

It was so common that it showed up in television shows, movies, and even comic books!

Batman #10 1940 (DC comics)

When your birthday would come around, you’d find everyone threatening to spank you. Even Robin wasn’t exempt! One swat for every year, and sometimes an extra to grow on. To me it seemed one of those harmless things, like getting pinched if you didn’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.

The topic still comes up. I’ve heard it in schools and in families in the past ten years, but now it’s mostly just joking with very little follow through. But I remember growing up there were teachers who would call the birthday child up in class and give them a completely fake, non-painful, series of pats on the butt. Sometimes even over-the-knee.

The class would count out loud for each year and clap. It happened on every birthday and was just part of the fun.

Often at birthday parties we’d form a human spanking machine by standing in a line, front-to-back, with space between each of us. We’d stand with our legs spread wide and the birthday kid would have to crawl through the tunnel our legs made.

We’d all smack their butt as they crawled by. Sometimes kids took advantage of it to smack hard. I definitely remember some yelps from that.

There were varying degrees of difficulty with this one. Sometimes we’d form it on the stairs, and they’d have to climb up or down while taking their swats. Sometimes the adults would join too.

As a kid who definitely had an odd fascination with spanking, I always thought it was just awesome. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized maybe it was on the weird side.

It was just so much a part of growing up that it never struck me as out of the ordinary. But society changes and birthday spankings are definitely a no-no for kids now. At least when it comes to strangers, teachers, etc. I’m sure parents still do it in a joking way.

Seeing it through the lens of a kid who was fascinated and liked to watch these things I was a little shocked to find out that some kids really hated it. None of the kids I knew did, or if they did, they hid it well. It was just part of things.

Apparently, a lot of people hated the St. Patrick’s Day pinching too. I never minded that one either, though there were always some mean people who took advantage to pinch really hard.

A couple of people have mentioned that their parents actually used the birthday spanking tradition to give them real spankings that hurt too—which honestly, that’s such an awful thing to do to a kid on their birthday that I can’t even understand why they would do that.

Anyway, we have reached a place in society where children have more bodily autonomy which I think is a good thing. It’s no longer okay to force a kid to go up and be spanked in front of the class (even a play spanking) just because it’s their birthday.

In general kids aren’t supposed to hit each other anymore either. Again, I think this is probably a good thing.

I’m sad for people who hated the tradition but were forced to participate. I’m sorry about the people who took advantage to make an innocent fun thing a way to be mean to others too. But as a kid who grew up thinking those kinds of games were normal, I can’t deny I have some happy memories of the old-fashioned birthday spankings.

It’s one of those things that Spanky people over thirty will probably remember, but I think eventually the birthday spanking while growing up will fade into nostalgia. It probably should, but still… memories.

I don’t think we’ll ever lose adult birthday spankings though. It’s just too good a chance to miss and I think there are probably very few spankos who haven’t enjoyed one. Before I wrap up, I thought I’d tell you about my most memorable [adult] birthday spanking—and give you a bit of a warning.[adult[

Never go to a BDSM club on your birthday, when people know it’s your birthday unless you want an unforgettable experience. I was in my twenties when I happened to be at the Leather Rose in Chicago on my birthday.

Let me just say that I had the longest, ever birthday spanking. It started with my friends. And since I’m a bit of a masochist this birthday spanking wasn’t just light fun. It wasn’t a pretend spanking, if you get my meaning.

Many of my friends took a turn. I was getting all hot and red from one birthday spanking after another when a gentleman, a regular in the club, strolled over and asked to join in. Sure, why not, we’re all having fun.

He decided to give me a progressive birthday spanking, I believe he called it. I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, but I was about to find out.

He started with one spank. Then he gave me two spanks. Then he gave me three spanks. Do you see where this is going yet?

I realized that he was giving me a spanking for each and every birthday I’d had. And he was giving me the number of spanks for that year. So for my twenty-first birthday I got twenty-one smacks and so on…

I don’t know how many spanks I ended up getting by the end. I lost count and it was a lot. I think it added up to close to 400 swats just from him alone. And remember I’d already been spanked by multiple people before him.

He started with his hand but used a wide variety of implements during the spanking. Let’s be honest his hand would have hurt if he did them all that way. Some of the implements were stingy, some were thuddy. It all kind of blended together after a while.

Now, as I mentioned I am a bit of a masochist—now. At the time I was a VERY big masochist. I really enjoyed the experience, but it was intense.

I had marks that lasted for probably a week afterwards, which I also loved. Marks never last long enough on me. But that is, hands down, my most memorable birthday spanking.

The progression really packs a wallop (so to speak) and it’s a great way to draw out a spanking that might otherwise be too short. So there’s an idea for your next birthday!

I’m going to wrap things up here, but as an FYI my latest book released yesterday. Action Daddy Book Two: Revenge of the Daddy is now available on Amazon so go grab it!

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  1. I grew up in the US, but in second grade had a teacher from Germany. She gave us fake birthday spankings, as she put one hand on our bottom, and clapped with the other. As this happened behind her desk, it sounded real to the class.


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