Dirty Daddies is Gone but Good News!

If you didn’t pick up your copy of Dirty Daddies 2021 Anthology then… well, you’re out of luck. It’s gone now. However, I do have some paperback copies to give away over the course of the year so keep your eyes open if you missed your chance.

But we’ve had some great news! Even though it’s gone, it has been nominated for several awards. One is the 2021 Swoon Awards (The Swoonies) and we’re a finalist in the anthology category.

The Swoon Awards (or The Swoonies ) is a reader-based and reader-hosted award celebrating the romance community’s favorite romance novels of the year. The award consists of 15 romance categories across different subgenres and age categories and there are three rounds.

We didn’t know we’d been nominated or were in the running until we made the finals so it was a wonderful surprise. Voting closes today (February 11th) a midnight so you can still vote if you’d like to!

Everyone gets one vote, and they do check, but it’s quick and easy and you can skip any categories you want to.

If you would like to vote for Dirty Daddies, or would just like to check out what other books have made it to the finals you can find it here:
The Swoon Awards

In other news:
I have just finished my first ever shifter story for the Shifting Hearts anthology and it’s off to the editor. Shockingly the sex scene is fade to black and there is not really much kink in it except a couple of spanking threats and some talk about an off-screen spanking.

It’s a little different from my usual, but eventually I’ll probably flesh it out and add more of that in. It’s a historical, Old West, mail-order bride kind of story so the sex and kink just didn’t work with people who were strangers for most of the story.

I hate to force a story, so I let it go where it wanted to. I’m actually pretty pleased with it. If you’re interested in grabbing the pre-order you can find it here: Shifting Hearts Limited Anthology

Once it’s submitted (by the 15th) I can get back to working on Forever His Brat and there is a lot of exciting stuff going on with Sam and Charlie, as usual. I’m hoping to at least have it up for pre-order by the end of the month.

I’m also planning to have a new blog post up next week (fingers crossed!) that talks about older subs with younger Doms. A subject that I’ve rarely seen covered in either fiction or non-fiction.

Have a fantastic weekend and a happy Valentine’s Day!

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