New Series Reveal!

I’ve been sitting on the news about this series for over a year! So, I’m very excited to finally get to talk about it. This is a huge twelve book, multi-author paranormal romance series.

All the books will stand alone, and you can skip any that don’t appeal to you and still fully enjoy the others. It is a shared world though, and there will be crossovers and characters may pop up in multiple books.

As you can tell from the graphic, this is a Zodiac series, with each author covering a different sign. I chose Scorpio because that’s my birth sign. It’s the second to be released and will be out in October.

The series takes place on an alternate Earth where things are pretty similar except that the Zodiac is supremely important to daily life. (There will also be more paranormal aspects.) So much so that the daily horoscopes are on the news every morning, and the government even has special departments that censor the predictions and decide what to release to the public.

The series follows all twelve Zodiac Guilds as they gain new Masters, hence the series title. But it’s also a double-entendre to imply the kink in most of them. Most of the Masters will also be some kind of Dominant, or at least in a D/s relationship. If you read kinky romance, you’ll recognize some real stars in the lineup.

There are a couple of books that are going to be a little lighter on BDSM, but all of them will have kinky fun to varying degrees. Mine, of course, is chock full of naughty adventures, including spanking, butt plugs, some mild public humiliation, bondage, punishment, etc.

Libra, as the graphic shows, will be up first. I’ve read it. It’s fantastic! Stella’s Libra Master is a Daddy named Cyrus who happens to be an old friend of my Scorpio, Cole. So, there’s a lot of interaction between our books.

And speaking of my book…

Are you ready for the teaser?

Dominant. Damaged. Intense.

Cole has become the epitome of a Scorpio without ever meaning to. Years of fighting fate and avoiding his path have somehow landed him exactly where he was always supposed to be.

Damn it.

But when he finds himself in the audience of a seedy underground auction, his successful, detached life comes to a screeching halt. The last person he expects to see up for sale is the woman who shattered his heart ten years ago.

Now that he owns her contract, he’ll finally be able to get the answers he needs to move on—and maybe extract a little revenge from her beautiful, lithe body too. But the answers don’t come easy, and Natalie’s return rips his past wide open to expose a deep well of secrets.

His destiny had only been delayed, but now it’s back on track and everything is about to change.

So you can look for that in October, but up first is Stella Moore’s Libra, which will be available in a little over a week!

After that a new book will release on schedule for that Zodiac’s arrival, one per month, but the whole series is up for pre-order now so you can one-click to make sure you don’t miss out. Here is the series lineup, release dates, and the series link.

Masters of the Zodiac

Twelve Signs. Twelve Guilds. Twelve destinies about to unfold.

All twelve up for pre-order now!

One by one, the new Masters will be called to take their rightful place in history. But the path to greatness is not an easy one, and each will have their own battles to fight along the way. And if they refuse, if they turn their back on destiny, they stand to lose more than just the title of Master.

Because it isn’t only their futures on the line, but their hearts as well.  Steamy paranormal romance with lots of kink!

Libra by Stella Moore

September 19, 2022

Scorpio by Kessily Lewel

October 17, 2022

Sagittarius by Honey Meyer

November 21, 2022

Capricorn by EJ Frost

December 19, 2022

Aquarius by Poppy Flynn

January 23, 2023

Pisces by Jami Dabney

February 23, 2023

Aries by Ryan Osborn and Minette Moreau

March 20, 2023

Taurus by Eris Adderly

April 17, 2023

Gemini by Raisa Greywood

May 22, 2023

Cancer by Jennifer Bene and Shane Starrett

June 19, 2023

Leo by Golden Angel

July 17, 2023

Virgo by SCinders Author

August 21, 2023

So, that’s all my exciting news for now. Join me back here on September 16th for a blog post on: Time Management and Organization Help for Scattered Subs and Littles.

I’ll be talking about ways Doms can help, but also things subs/bottoms can do on their own if they don’t have a Dominant around to help.

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