Spanking in retro advertising

(Edit 5-21-2019 this popped on my feed and I was confused to see all the pictures were gone from it. Not sure where they went, but  I’m putting them back in.)
I’ve been working on a number of longer blog posts that involve serious topics and stories so I’ve been a bit quiet, but here’s a fun post with lots of vintage spanking pictures to amuse you this weekend. So happy spanking …er Saturday. I meant happy Saturday!

Spanking used to be big in advertising. You saw it everywhere, for any product you could imagine and most of it really didn’t bother to make much connection to the item really. It was as if they knew spanking would draw the attention of the consumer. Hmm.

As a spanking aficionado from way back, any mention of spanking catches my interest, but I have a special love of spanking from outside the kink world. Mainstream spankings that show up in movies, books, ads–those are a big thing for me, and have been since I was a little kid watching cartoons.  I guess part of me feels like it’s more real that way rather  than just an agreed upon fantasy between adults.

I don’t think I’m alone in this. I think a lot of submissive women fantasize about living in a time when men were in control and spankings were for punishment (mostly) and not because she wanted them. There’s no other way to explain the huge market for historical romance novels that feature the alpha male grabbing the headstrong woman and paddling her backside for doing something dangerous without asking her permission or offering her a safeword.

It’s a fantasy that I won’t apologize for and it appears in my novels and stories sometimes. I’ve gotten some flack for it over the years, but honestly it’s not my job to educate people on the basics of a consensual relationship, or the difference between what a woman wants in real life, and what turns her on in her head.  it is a topic I’ll address on occasion in other places, but the truth is that there are many non-fiction resources out there and you shouldn’t be getting your relationship advice from a fantasy novel… or from advertising.

Most ads featured nonconsensual spanking, probably because the idea of consenting to punishment is a fairly new one to society and they reflected the times they are from. You didn’t just see the traditional parental spanking either, but a good number of adults as well. I’ve been collecting spanking illustrations, including ads and clips from movies for years so I have a fairly large sampling to choose from.

A lot of it is now considered inappropriate by modern stands and yes, I understand some of it reinforces misogyny,  gender equality, and even abuse at times, but as a female submissive finding these things just tickles me and I have no obligation to make my fantasies conform with how people should actually behave.

And now the ads!

  • I bet most people have seen this first one up above. It’s been passed around the Internet a lot and I’m not going to lie, good old-fashioned domestic discipline is a hot fantasy button so I enjoy this with no shame. Basically the idea is that if you sneak in the cheap generic item your husband will be mad and spank you. There’s really no connection to the actual product at all.


  • This next one is fun. I think the jeans are what is being advertised so I guess this is valid. I mean you need to know how your ass looks like in them, and what better way than to bend over.

  • But flour? Well, okay. I mean I’m down for spanking for overspending–I guess, but I doubt most men of the time even knew what an appropriate price for flour was so I don’t see much connection to the product.


  • How about this one for 7-Up?

    Just kidding, someone actually took this old ad for 7-UP and doctored it. (no idea who, but the real one is below.)It was actually a bowling ad, but it does look an awful lot like she’s asking for a spanking, right?


  • One of the cutesy parental spankings next. There are literally thousands of these. It comes off a bit odd to us these days, spanking is no longer the fashion and it’s been on the way out for probably twenty years or more so it can weird people out how often it was used in these old ads, especially when you come from a place where spanking is your kink.The thing is, back then, spanking was just part of life. Nothing really out of the ordinary and a lot of adults would look at these ads and feel inclined to buy things out of nostalgia.

    The ad here is for a baseburner stove. The old fashioned cast-iron type. So they are drawing the connection to “base” as in your seat, and “burner” as in her mother is burning her butt.

    Very clever Co Operative Foundry Co. !


  • Did you think it was only dominant men asserting their authority in ads? Oh no, those were the majority of course because at the time that was society, but there are a number of this type out there too, besides the mother spanking child we saw just above. I think a lot of men secretly fantasized about their wives taking charge. I believe this was a radio show commercial, but I’m not sure.

  • Here’s another woman in charge scenario, although if you want to quibble this isn’t actually an ad, it’s an article about women trying out boxing, and appears to bring up spanking just to amuse male readers. (but on a personal note that bare thigh just above the stockings…is there anything sexier?)


  • But back to the men. Here’s one that reinforces the idea that men only like “ladies” and if you don’t act like one you might get spanked. I really like the positioning in this one and I’m sure the fact that she’s all in red is not coincidental. Women in red is a euphemism for naughty women who misbehave (often implying she’s ‘loose’ in sexual ways but not restricted to that. A good man reforming a naughty woman is the plot of about a million shows, movies, and books so clearly they liked the idea.)

  • This next ad coming up amuses me to no end. I really… every time I see it I just giggle. Originally I thought it was an illustration for a sci-fi novel but research claims that this is an ad for talcum powder.  Apparently the premise is that you should always bring your powder when you explore space, to avoid chaffing in your suit or… you know, if you have to make an invisible woman’s butt visible so you can spank it.

I’m not sure I buy it. Invisible woman’s nipples are showing which means the ad would be fairly limited in where it could be shown, but I want it to be real so I’m not digging any deeper on this.


  • One last one. This one is a bit unique because it’s quite modern. Gucci chose to use this as part of an ad campaign a few years ago that was very obviously geared to show male dominance. Another picture in the series included a woman sprawled at  a man’s feet. Gucci got a lot of hassle over this and I’m not entirely sure they minded. Controversy sells after all, but as a sub I kind of resent the idea that a woman can’t choose this. That it must automatically be because it’s forced on her.

The woman in this picture, to me, looks pleased with the situation.  She seems content and relaxed and it doesn’t even look vaguely nonconsensual.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane.  I love the chance to dig into my archives for any reason so this was a fun start to the weekend. I’ve been working on a new novel in the sci-fi genre and fitting in work on blog posts as I have time.

If you enjoy my posts or find them interesting, let me know! If you have topics to suggest I’m interested.

Love, Kessily



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