Upcoming Topics and Some Updates!

Hello, Wonderful Readers!
A few things on the agenda today and one is time sensitive since it involves an event happening today.

First, Taken By The Renegade is now available in paperback as well as Surrendering to the General. Both are under my second pen name Sadie Marks. It’s a personal milestone for me, so I’m really excited. Click to find them in both versions.
Second, my publisher’s release party is today in the Blushing Sizzle group on Facebook. I’ll be giving away a self-care gift pack, a paperback copy of Surrendering, and a choice of e-book to random winners of my contests so it should be lots of fun. I’m on from 3pm-3:15pm but there will be other authors coming on all day to entertain you. Hope to see you there!

Next I’d like to remind you to please check your e-mail addresses when you contact me through the ‘Contact’ section. I get some really great questions and responses there sometimes and then can’t reply because the e-mails bounce.

I recently received an e-mail from a woman who wanted advice about her dynamic, and she was struggling with no privacy in the house. I wrote back to get more details, and tried three times, but it just kept bouncing unfortunately. So ‘S’ if you see this, please email me again so I can reply!

Anddddd finally!  Starting this Friday you’ll see the first of a planned 3-part series on a serious topic. It’s something that is affecting a lot of relationships right now: “What do you do when your Dom isn’t around enough?” I think people will find it useful and I intend to post one chapter every Friday, with some lighter topics at other times.

So keep your eyes out for that. In the meantime, I hope to see you later today at the release party, and please be safe out there.


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