Lots of News: New Release, Parties, and Teaser for the New Book!

So, as you know I’ve got a new book and it’s out today! Taken By The Renegade is the second book in the Rise of the Sadecs series. It is a stand-alone/companion to the first one and is a complete story (with HEA). If you’ve already picked it up on pre-order then you should have it now. If not click the name above and it will take you to Amazon to get it.

(Pretty please don’t forget to review; they are so important! Even if it’s only “I liked it!” or “It sucked!”)

This book has lots of BDSM, especially spanking, steamy sex scenes, and some hot scenes with Silla and twin Dominant brothers.  I will be giving you a teaser below after I finish up the news.

In other news the first book of this series Surrendering to Her General is now available in paperback and I’m so excited! I’ve got a few copies ordered and I’m hoping they come in time to give away during the release parties that I have planned for May.

And speaking of release parties… I have two coming up for this book. Now, these parties aren’t just for me they will each be hosting a bunch of authors in this genre (kinky, bdsm, spanking, domestic discipline, etc.) who have new books coming out. We’ll all be there for an allotted time to talk, play games and give out prizes so if you like free stuff you should come join us on Facebook.

Just to give you a quick run through of how these parties work, each author has a time slot that they fill with activities, but when it comes to the contests and prizes there is usually a window of 24-48 hours. So you don’t necessarily have to be there during that slot, you can always show up later and scroll through.

There are often participation prizes and extra giveaways for people who take part in all the author’s posts. So it can be worth it to go through the other posts even if you only show up for me. And almost everyone will be giving out things in at least a few of their posts: gift cards, free books, swag, all sorts of things that you can win by playing the games.

May 1st:
Sexy Spanking Authors and Readers
11am-7pm  16 authors participating
I’m on at 3pm-3:30pm

May 6th
Blushing Sizzle
I’m on 3pm-3:15pm

Click the names to make finding the groups easy. Both will need to be joined so you might want to get over there before the party so you can make sure to be approved in time. You won’t have a problem with ours since there are five us running things and we tend to approve people within an hour or so as long as you answer the very easy questions. (Yes I am over 18, Yes I know the rules.)
Blushing can be a bit slower though they do try to make sure everyone is set up before the party starts.

And now here’s something from the opening scene in the new book:

She could feel them watching her. Not really a surprise, since she was currently spread-eagled and mostly naked, with her bare breasts pressed against a giant x-shaped St. Andrew’s cross that was positioned on a small dais in the main room of the club. People tended to stop and watch the show
when anyone was on the cross, and the stage was positioned as a focal point so everyone could see.

Being the center of attention at the club didn’t bother her anymore. She was used to it, but it did make her hyper-aware of every reaction, and deep down, there was a certain smugness in knowing that she was able to control how she responded to each stroke. There was more than a little pride there, and sometimes it pushed her to go further than she actually enjoyed when she knew she had an audience.

She didn’t always want to play hard and rough; on some nights, she was happy with just enough heat and sting to make her float. A belt across her ass, a good paddling, or even being restrained in an uncomfortable position with tight ropes could fill her needs. But tonight, she was in the mood for the kind of heavy play that the cross was built for, so it had only been a matter of finding a partner who had the skills. It hadn’t taken her long to spot the new face in the crowd.

He was tall, a head taller than everyone around him, and handsome in an understated way. He was definitely not a sub or bottom—not with that aura of dominance he radiated. The arms he crossed over his chest had enough muscle to show where the shirt tightened around his biceps. His eyes skimmed lightly across the room, searching for something or someone. She decided that must be her and made a point of catching his attention.

The conversation had been short, just long enough to exchange the important details. He had a bag full of gear, and when she asked what he was carrying, he’d gestured for her to look for herself. It took exactly ten seconds to find the single-tail whip right on top, and after that, she lost interest in seeing what else he had. She held it out to him. “You any good with this?” she asked, and when the answer was a cruel grin spreading across his lips, she turned and started toward the unused cross, determined to claim the spot before anyone else did.

If it bothered him that she led the way, he didn’t comment on it. If he had, she would have looked elsewhere for her fun. She stripped off her shirt and jeans next to it without hesitation, knowing no one would blink twice in a BDSM club where half the players were in some stage of undress.

She pressed against the cross with her back to him and waited as he tightened the cuffs around her wrists and ankles with the ease of someone who’d done it before. She wasn’t risking much playing with a stranger, not in the club, but she was glad to see him checking to make sure they were loose enough for circulation but tight enough to hold her. It meant he had experience to go with the pretty toys.

He brushed her hair forward over her shoulder to leave her back completely bare and leaned in. “How much can you handle?”

“Tonight? A lot. Don’t go easy on me; I’m in the mood for something merciless,” she said. She turned her head so he could see that she meant what she said. He managed an expression that was both delighted and ravenous at the same time, and with a laugh, he moved away.

The wood felt cool against the bare skin of her torso, and as she shivered, the cuffs restraining her arms over her head jangled softly. The first lash of leather came down, leaving a fiery stripe diagonally across her back, and she had cause to test their strength. The sudden biting sting made her jerk in surprise, and she probably would have stumbled backward and maybe fallen to the dirty floor if the cuffs hadn’t held her in place, but they did their job and she was the perfect target for the next stroke to land a second later.

He wasn’t using a light hand. There was no slow build; the new Dominant had taken her at her word when she’d told him she could take a lot. For just a second, she considered saying ‘yellow’ to slow him down a little—if only because the first two were already harder than the ending strokes for most of the newcomers to the club.

But Sam had a reputation for never using her safeword, and she wasn’t about to blow it now just because someone had listened to her for once. The regulars knew, of course, that when she said she wanted merciless, she wasn’t looking to be teased with light flicks that barely stung, but even most of them weren’t willing to give her what she really wanted right out of the starting gate.

Oh, they’d work up to it eventually, but when she was in a mood like this, that slow build could be as aggravating as an itch she couldn’t reach. She often had to grit her teeth to keep from being too much of a smart-ass at times like that. A little sass might get her smacked harder, but too much and she’d insult a Top; that never went well. Either they’d walk away, or worse, they’d simply refuse to give you what you wanted at all and the slow, almost gentle, strokes would never lead to where she really needed them to go.

She craved pain sometimes, needed it like she needed air, and nothing made her pussy dripping wet faster than a strong dominant with a single-tail whip who knew how to use it. She wasn’t going to wuss out and ask him to slow down just because he’d listened to her and went straight for the good stuff. A third and then a fourth blow came down with searing, but controlled, overhand strikes, and her muscles shook with strain.

Damn, it felt like fire raining down on her naked skin and she fought the urge to yelp when the fifth one swung low and wrapped around her hips. The tip of the whip landed on the front of her thigh. She threw her head back, hissing through her teeth as a hard pulse of sexual desire began to throb low in her
body. Her skin tightened and she could feel goosebumps rising everywhere.

She was so focused on her body that the sound of the whip cracking seemed distant, almost unconnected to the sensations rolling through her body. She was thoroughly grounded in the physical at the moment. The sultry air, just a little bit too warm from all the bodies filling the club, caught her attention as it brushed across her highly sensitive flesh and a shudder rolled down her spine.

To continue her adventures pick up the book on Amazon.



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