Alien Abduction Anthology!

I am so excited!
There’s been a lot going on around here, and a couple weeks ago I told you that I had finished my latest book (Book #9, but who’s counting) well the edits and rewrites are complete too so now it’s just a matter of looking at my options and making some decisions. I’ll keep you updated on that one.

In the meantime my first anthology under Sadie Marks is moving full steam ahead and is already up for pre-order!  Stolen and Seduced Once it releases at the end of August it will only be available for a few months and then the anthology will be gone forever so you don’t want to miss out on this.  Over twenty participating authors with various styles of romance, some with kink and some without.

I couldn’t have found a friendlier bunch to collaborate with and I’m really enjoying this first experience so I’m already considering future anthologies. Apparently it’s a bit like potato chips, you can’t have just one.

Plus, I have to admit I miss writing short stories. That’s what I did for most of my career and since I switched to books a few years ago I’ve looked for reasons to keep my hand in, but haven’t had much motivation except for the occasional story here.

So that’s the news for today. Hopefully I’ll have something more substantial for you soon. In the meantime stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home if you can!


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