A Week of Punishment–Part two

Everyone still with me? If you haven’t read part one you should probably go back and read that first. What this story is describing is how to punish a submissive who gets turned on by being in trouble, using sex. We’re about to get to the good part now. (graphic sexy stuff and spanking)

Part two:

The night was the trial she’d expected it to be. Oh, the actual date part was plenty of fun. They went to dinner and then to a movie they’d both been dying to see. It was a horror that provided plenty of jump scares to keep her bouncing in her seat, but the darkness of a theater was also a good place for a little discrete naughty teasing and he took advantage of it to ruin the first calm she’d felt in days. By the time the movie ended she was squirming in damp panties and the desperation for release had returned. That kind of thing was normal for these nights, she’d just hoped he would forgo it this time, but as he’d pointed out, she was the one being punished, not him.

It was more than that of course, he enjoyed pushing her to the edge and denying her. She enjoyed it too, but only when she knew she’d eventually get the pleasure she needed, and she didn’t have that assurance now. She didn’t think she would be able to stop herself from the sweet bliss of a forbidden orgasm if he ploughed into her body. She was just too hot and bothered to hold out and the second he nudged his way inside it would be all over.

She was relieved in a way; even though she knew she’d be punished, she was starting to feel like the extra discipline would be worth it. Later, when it was happening she’d no doubt regret it, but just then she didn’t care; she wanted it too much—but he knew her far too well to let that happen and that’s why she found herself using her mouth to give him the pleasure he’d denied her. His hand slapping down across her backside motivated her to do her best despite her frustration.

And she didn’t hate it. Everything that was winding her up and making her miserable was also pushing her back into the submissive place she’d been missing. Since the early days of their relationship she’d preferred to be controlled by him. D/s was no hidden secret; they’d both admitted to looking for that in a relationship right off, and they’d agreed on the rules with very little need to negotiate because in most things their desires aligned.

But life conspired, and the normal day-to-day duties sometimes made it hard for them to hold onto that dynamic. He worked a lot and didn’t always have the energy to police her behavior. And then too, there was a certain amount of equality necessary for a healthy marriage that didn’t always balance well with one partner holding the reins constantly, so at times things slipped. This time it had just taken longer to get back on track, but she could feel that settling inside of her that meant she was almost back to where she wanted to be.

Such harsh measure might not have been necessary if her stubborn nature didn’t fight so hard. It was like there were two distinct people inside of her. One wanted nothing more than to be on her knees, but the more rebellious side wanted to say, “Fuck it!” and do what she wanted. Independence and freedom were exciting, mostly when she had a lot of work to do and wanted to avoid it, but it didn’t make her feel happy or fulfilled the way submission did, so she always came back to the same place.

He knew all of this. He saw the signs sometimes before she did herself and she counted on that, knowing in the end he’d snap the leash and put her back on her knees, so she could relax again. But she did hope the lesson would stick this time, so she didn’t have to suffer through another week like this one.

Once he was sated, and she was decided not, they headed for bed. Not that she was able to fall asleep easily; she was restless for hours before she finally dropped off into a deep slumber and by the time she woke up late the next morning, her husband had left for work already, but it was Thursday and that meant only one more day to suffer. Of course, it was also one more day to dread the punishment coming on Friday and as the time got closer she was finding it harder to concentrate on anything but what he was going to do.

He was inventive with his punishments and she couldn’t really guess what he had planned, but after such a long build up she had a feeling it was going to be something she’d remember for a while. Her questions all week had been shut down without reply and he was obviously planning to keep her in suspense until the last minute.

When Friday rolled around she was a mess of needy anticipation and anxious nerves; somehow wanting to get on with it, and wishing it was another week away at the same time. At least she didn’t have to kneel in the corner or sit on something uncomfortable to write an essay. Those preliminaries were over now that the main event was there.

He had a little work to do in the morning, so she was left to brood alone but by lunchtime he was home and the first thing she noticed were the freshly-cut switches in his hand. She shivered, biting down on her bottom lip and rolling it under as she eyed them. Of all the things he’d punished her with switches were probably her least favorite. She was able to find most things sexy if given a nice slow build-up, but not those. She imagined the whistling sound as she pictured them cutting through the air and winced.

“Haven’t I had enough punishment?” she said, hating the whining tone her voice had taken.

He looked at her and then set the switches aside as he crossed the living room and took her hand. She found herself being tugged along to the comfortable recliner and then pulled down into his lap as his arms wrapped around her.
“You know,” he said, “I love you, right?”

She sighed, melting back against his body, nodding with her head against his chest.

“This isn’t just about punishing you. If it was just a few broken rules we wouldn’t have needed to go so far,” he said, as his hand lightly stroked her hair. “This is about reconnecting. It’s about you feeling out of your place as a submissive. A lot of it’s my fault because I’ve been working so much, and then I’m exhausted when I’m home, so I haven’t been keeping up with my job as a Dominant. But you’ve been taking advantage of the lack of supervision, haven’t you?” he asked.

She tilted her head back and looked into his eyes for a second and then nodded. She had, and it had been fun at first to see how much she could get away. Sometimes he didn’t notice or ask about the rules, so she just neglected to mention things. Sometimes he did find out, but he was too tired to deal with it, so she would get off with a scolding or disappointed look.

And then it stopped being fun because she started to feel like she was no longer a submissive. The rules felt like they were there in name only but there was nothing backing them up and that was when she’d lost the motivation to even try. Their relationship had been suffering all around, not just the D/s part of it either. There’d been fewer date nights in the past few months and it felt like a distance was growing between them but feeling like she wasn’t under his control was what seemed to affect her the most.

“I could tell by your attitude lately that something was wrong, it just took me a little time to figure out what was causing the snippy passive-aggressive behavior,” he said. His hand didn’t stop the gentle calming motions, and his voice wasn’t angry, but she was ashamed anyway and quickly looked down and buried her face.

“It seemed like you needed a reset. The submissive version of being turned off and back on again. You know that’s always the first thing you try when something goes wrong,” he teased. It was advice he gave often since he worked in tech support and it did make her smile a little.

“But a week is a long time,” she whispered. She felt an odd combination of embarrassment for her behavior, and sulkiness because she wanted to be past all of it. It had been a hard week. She’d gotten used to skating on all the rules and then suddenly everything was tight and strict again—she kept getting rebellious flashes and wanting to tell him off like an out-of-control teenager.

“It is, but it’s a good length of time to set some new habits in place. The writing exercises and corner time were there to get you used to having daily scheduled tasks again,” he explained. “Your self-esteem crashes when you don’t get things done. Don’t think I haven’t seen you moping around.”

She couldn’t argue that. She felt like crap when she didn’t contribute her share. It was hard enough knowing he worked longer hours than she did, without feeling like she’d let him down because he came home to a sink full of dishes and an inch of dust on the furniture. “And the no sex rule?” she asked.

“To remind you that you’re not just my wife, but also my submissive. To remind you that we agreed I’d be the one in charge. That I’d be the one to decide when you got pleasure and…a little bit to remind you of how much you love being needy and helpless.” He chuckled, and she could hear it rumbling in his chest. It was a comforting sound.

She couldn’t actually deny that either. The whole week had majorly sucked, but at the same time she’d felt more submissive than she had in a long time. She felt ready to push the rebellious teenager back inside, so she could try again, but she wasn’t silly enough to think he was going to put things back to normal without the big final act to sear the lesson into her mind, and she shivered. “What are you going to do now?” She looked up at him with wide anxious eyes as she waited for his answer.

“Well, after careful thought I’ve decided to start with a nice slow spanking. Your favorite kind,” he said, surprising her.

She blinked, “Uh, what?” She couldn’t tell what he was thinking, his expression offered her no clues, but he didn’t seem to be teasing her. “I—I thought today was going to be punishment?”

“Oh, we’ll get to that, sweetheart, but first I have other plans,” he said as his hand slid down to cup her ass and squeeze gently. “I want you to head into the bedroom and strip. I’ll be right in.”

There was a sudden pulse between her thighs and she groaned. She was starting to get an idea of what he intended now, and it was high on the list of things she loved to hate. She couldn’t deny what it did to her and she didn’t hesitate to slide out of his lap and head for their room where she quickly got undressed and then sat on the end of the bed to wait.

It wasn’t a long wait, which was lucky because her heart was racing a mile a minute. When he appeared in the doorway her mouth went dry because he was holding the switches in his hand. She swallowed nervously as he set them on the dresser without comment and then came to sit down next to her. His strong fingers wrapped around her wrist and she was tugged across his lap without a struggle.

It was scary being in such a vulnerable position, especially knowing she was about to be spanked, but there was also a lot about it that felt right and safe. She’d never been able to figure out how she could have such drastically contrasting feelings about it, but it always threw her mind into a whirl of emotions when she found herself across his knee.

She wiggled to get comfortable, both hands pressed into the carpet beneath her for stability as she took a few deep breaths to calm herself. Even though he’d said it was going to be the kind of spanking she liked, she still half-expected it to be more of a punishment spanking so when his hand swept down for the first time her ass clenched automatically and her whole body stiffened….only to relax a little sheepishly a few seconds later when she realized it had just been a light slap.

As promised he began with a nice slow build up, gradually bringing a pink glow to her skin that had her squirming and making soft sounds of enjoyment. When his fingers pressed her legs apart and began to touch and tease the wet folds of her sex those sounds got louder. She climaxed embarrassingly fast and the oversensitivity that came after the orgasm had her clamping her legs closed around his hand.

He extracted it with a chuckle and went back to the spanking.

She was positive that now would come the hard punishment she was dreading, but no, it started even lighter this time to take into account her extra sensitivity. The speed and strength behind each swat increased only at a rate that her body could adapt to and enjoy. It wasn’t long before she was rocking back and raising her ass for each slap. Her legs slowly drifted apart again to encourage him to touch her—and he did.

It began a pattern. He would use his fingers to push her over the edge and then he’d go back to the spanking. By the third cycle of this she was floating and even though the spanking was hard enough to cover her skin in a deep red hue she was enjoying it. She felt like she could lie there and enjoy being spanked and fingered in turns all day. It was a huge relief after the week of denial.

But it didn’t stop and after the fourth cycle she began to get a little sore. It took her longer to reach climax and when the spanking began again afterwards, even though he started lightly, it hurt from the first swat because her ass was already red and sore. She didn’t encourage his hands to wander this time, but she couldn’t stop her body from reacting and it was obvious by the way she shifted and moved when she was starting to get aroused again.
She was so wet and slippery that his finger slid right in, pumping in and out of her while she rode his hand until she cried out. Her legs closed again, holding him still with desperation. “Please, no more,” she moaned.

“No? You sure you’ve had enough?” he asked gently, wiggling his fingers a little.

She squeaked as it pushed her over the line into too much and she nodded her head frantically. “Yes, yes I’m sure!” she insisted. Her entire body felt so incredibly tender. Even the slight whisper of air caressing her skin made her writhe. She felt like she’d had a whole week’s worth of orgasms all at once, which she practically had.

“Well, if you’re sure then… I guess we can start the punishment.” He chuckled and then he began to spank without giving her time to process it.

“I didn’t mean that!” she cried out desperately, twisting and throwing a hand back. She’d meant she didn’t want any more of either, of course, but that wasn’t on his agenda.

An expert at this, he calmly pinned her hand up out of the way and continued. With no intent to arouse her, the spanking now was nice and brisk, peppering her already sore backside with stinging swats far too quickly for her to enjoy, and that was the part she hated. Being controlled and teased with a nice long spanking and lots of touching was wonderful—but a punishment right afterwards was so painful that she quickly started to cry.

“I’m sorry! I am! I’ll get everything back on track I promise!” she swore. The words were garbled through her tears, but he understood well enough.

“I know you will, and having trouble sitting comfortably for a couple days will be a good reminder, don’t you think?” He said this without stopping the steady metronome of slapping. Every inch of her skin from the top of her cheeks to halfway down her thighs was an angry glowing red long before he stopped and turned her over to cradle her in his arms.

She hissed as her sore skin scraped across the rough denim of his jeans, but he didn’t let her shift her weight to the outside of her thigh. He wanted all her weight seated on the fiercely throbbing well-spanked skin.

He was otherwise sweet and gentle with her, kissing her forehead lightly and tucking her hair back behind her ears so it wouldn’t stick to her damp face. He waited until she was calmer, caressing her back with slow and reassuring circles. “How do you feel?” he asked.

She bit down on her lip, “Sore. Tired. You didn’t have to spank so hard,” she complained, without a trace of attitude in her voice.

“Mmm, I think I did though. I think you needed it. You’ve been bottling things up for a while, sweetheart. Now, put aside the physical things and tell me how you really feel,” he said.

She hesitated, looking up at him through the dark lashes, still heavy with tears. “Yours. I feel like yours again. I—I feel like a submissive,” she admitted. Yes, she felt like a dishrag that had been soaked and wrung out to dry, but she also felt relaxed for the first time in a while. Her muscles were leaden, and her backside was aching painfully from the long spanking; she was feeling every single swat now without arousal to deaden it, and there was a completely sated feeling of contentment overriding all of that.

“Good girl, that’s what I was hoping for,” he said, nodding and squeezing her tight against his chest. “How about a nap and then we’ll see what we can do about putting together a schedule to catch you up,” he suggested.

It wasn’t really a suggestion; he was already standing with her in his arms and carrying her around to the side of the bed, but she nodded anyway. The lack of restful sleep, the long spanking, and her struggling had all conspired to make her suddenly sleepy and she curled up on her side without protest and then wiggled back into his arms when he settled down behind her to hold her while she slept.

Suddenly she remembered something that had her sitting up in a panic, “Wait! What about the switches?” She sent an anxious glance over towards the dresser where they lay with deceptive innocence.

“Don’t worry, we’re done with punishment for now. You’re all forgiven,” he laughed. “Call them motivation to stay on track this week, baby. Every time you slack off I’m going to give you a couple lines across your thighs to get you moving again,” he explained as he pulled her back down.

She groaned, “That sucks.” There wasn’t much of a complaint in her tone though; she was just glad he wasn’t planning to use them when she woke up. It felt good to be out of trouble for a change and maybe the thought of them would be scary enough to keep her from needing to actually feel them. Probably not, but maybe.

After a few seconds she added, “I love you.”

“That’s my girl,” was the last thing she heard before she fell asleep safe in his arms.

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