New Krampus Book Coming!

As usual when I hit crunch time on a book, I tend to get quieter everywhere else. It’s hard, when you’re pouring all of that time and focus into a project, to pull out long enough to handle other things.

But I ducked out of my cave for long enough to remember that I hadn’t yet shared anything about this book with you! So here I am with a pretty cover to show you, and a teaser.

The Krampus Collective books were meant to be shorter reads. I planned to do two per Christmas season specifically because they were going to be much shorter than my usual books– whoops.

The reality is… that hasn’t happened. While the first one was the length I had planned, since then the books have gotten longer and longer. The current book, Lord Krampus, will be the longest one so far.

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It had to be to do this story justice. I can’t even tell you how much I love this couple. It’s coming out so perfectly and I will be finishing it tonight. I’m working on the last chapter now, and I already have the edits back for most of the rest, so I’ll be turning around immediately to start editing.

What I also hope to do, is to start a second Krampus book. This one, I hope, will be the size originally planned, because that’s the only way I’ll be able to release it before mid-December… and even that is going to be a stretch.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m excited to try though, because I do have the second book all plotted out and ready to start.

But, in the meantime, I thought you might enjoy a teaser from Lord Krampus. I think you’re going to love the new addition to the series. It’s steamy, spicy, and super sweet in places. Writing it has been giving me ALL the feels.

It’s currently on sale for pre-order. The price will go up when it goes live, so grab it on sale while you can. Keep scrolling past the blurb for a taste of what’s coming.

The Krampus Collective Book Four

Each book stands alone. Each story is unique with a different Krampus. All of them are filled with kink.

Lord Krampus

Krampus has never been anyone’s hero… until now.

The moment he sees her, Lord Krampus knows Beatrice is the one.

The dark cloud of wickedness that surrounds her is none of her doing. Once he pulls her out of danger, he realizes too late that she’s uncommonly good, and that means he can’t have her.

Her innocence should repel him. Instead, it draws him in. But just because he rescued her, doesn’t mean he can keep her. She’s just not bad enough, not naughty enough to feed his hungers.

After a stolen week of dark pleasures, he is forced to return her, but Tris comes up with a plan. She has a whole year to be a very bad girl and when Krampus returns, he’ll have no choice but to take her away for punishment—and this time, she’ll make sure he keeps her.

Lord Krampus (unedited)

He stared at her, fighting to keep the surprise from showing.

Lord Krampus couldn’t remember the last time he’d been surprised by a human. Normally they were so predictable that he was always one step ahead of them, but this woman was something else. When she’d asked to stay, he’d dismissed that as her being naïve and not understanding the nature of his work.

But he’d gone out of his way to prove to her that he wasn’t what she thought, and she still wanted to stay. His threats actually seemed to excite her. He could smell the sweet scent of her arousal and his body had reacted instantly.

She would have been the perfect mate, if only there was enough black in her soul to feed him. The few sins were all mitigated by her circumstances until the net result was definitely hard towards the good side. It was frustrating because he wanted her now.

He was used to getting what he wanted, but even an immortal who wasn’t part of their world had to work within the structure the humans had built. He recognized that he was bending the rules just by having her in his realm—he had no choice but to return her. The way she begged to stay was so tempting though.

He’d thrown out the offer on an impulse. She wouldn’t accept. A good girl like her would never put herself in a situation where she could expect a daily escalation of punishment—he’d thought.

Beatrice had again surprised him. She’d agreed almost without hesitation and part of him was glad of it. Manipulating time for a week was easy enough. Often, he made a year in his realm stretch longer for hard cases who needed… extra attention.

As long as he returned her to the moment he’d taken her, the law would be satisfied. It was yielding and so, apparently, was she.

There was a nearly overwhelming need to bend her over the nearest chair and take her immediately. If she’d been a little less innocent, he might have given in to that need. The fact that she had no experience with sex held him back, but the fierce beast inside of him clawed to get out.

He pushed it back, refusing to give way to the basest urges. Gentle—I should be gentle with her. As soon as he thought it, he knew it wouldn’t happen. He would be careful, but slow and sweet was beyond him. In that he was as inexperienced as she was.

“Strip.” He snapped the order.

She blinked but didn’t move.

Impatience coiled within him. He wanted her now and she’d been warned. He grabbed her arm and pulled her up against him. “This is my realm, and you will obey me. I don’t ask twice.” His free hand changed, growing the claws that were natural to him.

He hooked one in the front of her shirt and slowly ripped down until it hung open. She caught her breath as her tan flesh and the swell of her breasts were exposed. She wasn’t wearing a bra. He assumed hers had been soaked in blood and his home hadn’t seen fit to provide one.


“Can you finish on your own or do you need more help?” He couldn’t help the eagerness that crept into his tone.

“I—I can finish, Hero.”

His eyes narrowed. “Lord Krampus. Not Hero… say it.”

“Lord Krampus,” she repeated, obedient but with an undercurrent of stubbornness that said volumes for her intention to continue using the word.

She would learn not to push him. It annoyed him that the more she called him Hero the more it seemed to resonate. He was not a hero, and never had been. Aside from that, he refused to let a human name him. It was degrading.

“Good. Clothes off and be quick about it.”

She moved slower than he would have liked, but he could see her hands trembling and knew she wasn’t being difficult. He moved to sit. Choosing one of the pair of leather chairs that flanked the fireplace so he could watch as she removed her clothing and then clutched it in her arms like a shield.

Her shyness was intriguing. He hadn’t thought he’d enjoy her innocence, but he was finding it refreshing as a novelty. He jerked his chin towards the chair across from him. “Put the clothes down. You won’t be needing them.”

There was reluctance in every step, but she set them down, only to cross her arms over her chest as she straightened. He laughed but didn’t comment. He would let her have that small salve to her modesty, mostly because it amused him.

Instead he took a moment to examine her. She was lovely. Her dark hair brushed her shoulders in a sleek fall without a hint of curl or wave. Her eyes in comparison were surprisingly light-colored—an interested shade of gray that reminded him of the sky before a storm.

Her body was well-shaped, soft with gentle curves that he would enjoy gripping. Her breasts were generous with small pink nipples. “Come over here and kneel in front of me.” He pointed to the carpet at his feet.

The order seemed to raise conflicts in her. Her nipples tightened into hard nubs, but her posture was full of resistance when she dragged her feet over to obey him. Her full lips were twisted into a scowl that said she was annoyed.

“You’re so hot for this you’re dripping, but you’re annoyed that I’m making you kneel. Why?” He was honestly curious.

She looked away from him, choosing to stare at the fire as she answered, “I—I’m not a dog.”

He laughed again and then leaned so he was just inches from her face. “No, sweetheart. You’re not a dog, but you are a pet, mine—for the week anyway. You can end this whenever you like just by asking me to take you home. But until then—” He shoved one hand between her thighs roughly, forcing them apart so he could press between her soaked folds.

She was so wet, so needy that her hips bucked upwards. She was practically begging for more.

Two fingers shoved into her, thrusting in and out as she gasped and grabbed his knees in shock. Her head whipped around, and her eyes locked with his, wide and stunned. There were no words, but her expression said it all.

Poor lonely rich girl, untouched; unloved and desperate for his attention. She was hot and ready. She wouldn’t ask to leave, not until he’d satisfied that neglected hunger inside of her.

“— you’ll do what I say. Won’t you? No, keep your eyes up. If you look down, I’ll have to stop and punish you. You don’t want that,” he warned her.

Her lips trembled and a shaky ‘Yes,’ spilled out.

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